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Pet Memorials

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August 21, 2012
Missed By: Norbert, Sue and Kiki Foigelman

A Generous Donation Was Made By

Drs. Les Malo, Brent Hess, Mark Malo and Kimberly Cork from the Garden Grove Dog & Cat Hospital

In memory of Zachary from Dr. & Mrs. Foigelman
For our darling sweet Zachary who is sorely missed.....

From 'What we have learned.......' observations by Zach and Kiki

Leaping up to the sock drawer gets us to the Linen Cupboard - our favorite place to sleep
Purring on laps sometimes stops them from standing up
The best time for a good cuddle is early in the morning
Nothing can disguise pills
Cane-backed dining chairs make great scratching posts
Racing down the stairs helter skelter and sliding across the marble entrance floor is awesome fun

Zach and Kiki Foigelman 2011