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Pet Memorials

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May 08, 2011
Missed By: Peggy & Ernest Hintz


A Generous Donation Was Made By

Pam & Mike Becker

My Boy Gates 1997 - 2011

As I go about my day it has a very empty space, my boy Gates is no longer at my side. Yesterday we said goodbye and Gates crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He was 13-1/2 years old.

Gates entered this world under our watchful eyes. He had a special working career as my husbands Schutzhund Sport dog. Gates retired & became my dog! He was my shadow, my companion, my business partner and a gracious host to all of our boarding guests. His eyes followed every movement of my day, his nose searched me out if I left the room.

Gates was a dog that made friends with anyone who crossed his path, human or K9. To all of you who have been part of Gates life he treasures you and thanks you for the love you shared with him. Watch out his nose will keep checking your pockets for treats, he just knows you have something for him!

His unconditional love is cherished in my heart with forever memories.