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7th Semester Update from Cut Sahvirna Devinta Fauzi

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Hi, we meet again. I am Cut Sahvrina Devinta Fauzi of Veterinary Medicine Unsyiah. I want to give my report for this semester. Last semester was my seventh.  In semester seven I learned many new things. For example, I learned techniques of surgery, pathology in small animals (pet), infectious diseases, livestock science piece. While learning the techniques surgery of animal, I did some type of surgery such as anaesthetic, castration, ovarectomy in cats and tail docking in dogs. And I learned technical fracture on a bone and the proper installation of bandages and plaster casts.

I also visited a dairy farm owned by one of my lecturers. In the farm there are 10 cow types such as FH (friesian holstein) that provide milk in the region of Banda Aceh. I also studied the life cycle of the dairy cows and the disease in dairy cows. And then I also attended many seminars on wildlife conservation such as elephants, Sumatran orangutan, Sumatran tiger and how to control your pet reptile.

Currently I’m running on KKN courses (Course Work), the courses are given to all students in the University of Syiah Kuala in order to channel the knowledge that has been gained to the citizens of the community that exists around the province of Aceh. With this service we can get to know the importance of a science that we get for our surrounding community.

So this is the narrative that I can provide to supplement some of the data required by the OIC, OURF and AFH. Thanks and see you again.

Scholarship winner Cut and one of her favorite cats

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Scholarship winner Cut and her classmates

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

In class they are helping the tiny bunny

Meet Cut Shavrina Devinta Fauzi

Monday, August 13th, 2012

My activities while at the Veterinary Faculty at Syiah Kuala University, consist of taking a wide range of subjects ranging from matters related to Embryology, Anatomy, Zoology, Animal Physiology, Biostatistics, Biochemistry and General Courses. I am currently not following CCA curricula because I am still trying to keep up with scheduled lectures and courses at the moment.

The Orangutan Caring Scholarship is the way for me to reach my goal to be a veterinarian. Through this program, i can lighten my parent’s burden in financing my courses, so that they can still pay for my brother’s and sister’s schooling without thinking of my tuition fees, now being helped by this scholarship. I am grateful for the opportunity to receive the Orangutan Caring Scholarship supported by the Animal Health Foundation.

My project is to show the negative attitude the public in Indonesia has which negatively affects the Orangutans.  I intend to write about the stupid behavior of man towards a rare animal as well as the resultant offensive behavior some orangutans exhibit in the Zoo as a result of the human behavior. Due to their confinement in zoos, some orangutans eat their own feces and show other neurotic behaviors. Zoo visitors give them cigarettes that they smoke as humans do. I hope my work will help change human behaviors, which are negatively affecting the Orangutans.