The Power of a Therapy Dog Visit

Recently retired team John Smead and Kasey shared the following experience with us at Children’s Hospital of Orange County:

John told us about a special day at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (Anaheim, CA):

Kacey and John went into a room with a 9 year old boy with leukemia who had not really been eating and didn’t even want to get out of bed.

When his mom read him the card that we give all the kids (there is a part that says she is a picky eater and shy when she meets people for the first time), he looked at Kacey…he then got out of bed and sat next to her and said “wow sometimes you don’t feel like eating either – nice to meet you Kacey”.


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  2. Hello my name is Pauline Acosta and i woukd like to know if yous do services for the elderly with dementia. My mom is a 87 yrs old and loves small dogs, i feel she would benefit from a pet visit. Please let me know if you offer this type service.

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