Welcome Leo “de Lion” to AHF Pet Partners

LeoHe displays amazing antics that make you laugh out loud, I mean belly laugh. That is truly therapeutic. The love and complete devotion he has for you as he stares up at you with his beautiful soulful amber eyes . His need to lay on you even though he is 80 pounds of pure muscle and lick your face until you can’t breathe. His amazing athleticism as he jumps up, twists around and catches the ball with all four paws off the grass. His enthusiasm of love whimpers and insanely fast wagging tail when you pull up to the house after you have been gone10 minutes or 5 hours. His 5 minute nesting ritual with numerous pillows, blankets, and any other object close in proximity. His desire to sleep under the covers; close to you at all times. Bottom line, he loves to love you, forever and ever, amen.

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