Octora Enda Sari Ginting


Hello , I am Octora Enda Sari Ginting one of Orangutan scholarship recipients from Faculty of Veterinary Unsyiah . This is my second article . This time I want to share my experience during semester 4 and 5 . In semester 4, i could take the classes well and thank God I got a good grade point anyway . Then I decided to take the short semester so I can relax a little bit in semester 5. Short Semester held in July to coincide with the fasting month for Muslims. The hot weather and the absence of  food outlets didn’t make me and friends discouraged in following lectures which run very fast. Because the subjects that should be studied in one semester in the short term only studied in one month . And thank God that I can score pretty well too . Well, during  semester 4 to short term semester ongoing I also become community organizers in the event academy for new students who will soon be a part of  FKH Unsyiah family. That activity could we run well and do not inhibit us in the learning process.

After a short half finished, semester vacation begins and I went back to my city, Medan.. In Medan I went to the zoo with my friend. Medan Zoo quite wide, but animals that exist in the less variant. There more species poultries than the others, i also see some kinds of primate, tiger, deer, crocodile and others.But I do not see orangutans there. The animals there was more silence, probably because their facilities for activities is not enough. And sadly I also saw some monkeys are kept in cramped cages and lots of garbage under their cage, the monkey was definitely having stress. In addition to the zoo a lot of places I lived while in Medan

After the holidays, I had back to banda aceh. I can follow the lectures as well, until the final exams of the semester I have been going through a few days ago. Now I’m waiting for all the value, I hope I can improve my grade again. During the time I like to see and signed petition- petition on change.org web. Because I was not able to do much to help changing world and this is the beginning of my small contribution. I am not just signing a petition about orangutans but about a lot of things that I think are important.

Well, during the Christmas holidays I also returned to Medan and celebrate Christmas with my family there, it’s very nice celebrate chrismast together with our family. But in the new year night, I celebrate with my friends in Banda Aceh due to schedule test that not yet finished. That’s all the story about my experience this time around, I hope you guys like it. See you later and thanks.

#VivaVeteriner #TogetherWeCanSaveOrangutan

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