Laporan Mifahul Jannah – Academic Activities Update



MifahulJannah2My activities during the semester 3 in which Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Unsyiah is almost finished so is exhausting, from morning to evening we set just arrived back home.

8 hours is an effective time to learn, but for college students it’s not. Nevertheless, during the first semester (6 months) I was over to the campus is less than 8 hours, approximately 7:45 to arrive on campus. This semester is very much different from the previous semester credits which I take to grow and LAB also increased with all the very strict regulations.
Full class schedule, starting from Monday to Sunday, day of the week even though the activity is not justified for college but due to insufficient time forced us any day of the week was confiscated.

In semester 3, I along with my friends often organize study groups or discussion. And it gives a good impact for us all, the proof test comes when we are all ready to follow smoothly and well.

Each entry LAB we are always charged with both reports and interim reports and a final report are the observations after after attending practicum.
It’stiringbutitallwhenIlivedwithall my heartit would seemunremarkable, hopefullythisstruggleis notin vain. AMINN, …

OIC is the only institution where I shelter during this study, scholarship tuition OIC greatly helped me. Acknowledgements I always hanturkan to the OIC and OIC may still prevail and always reliable.

Here’s my class schedule for the semester at the College of Veterinary Medicine 3 Unsyiah.

  1. Monday
    hours 12:00-13:30 Epidemiologi

hours 17:00-18:00      Practice Anatomi

  1. Tuesday

hours  08:00-09:45     Anatomi II

hours 12:00-13:00      Respon Histo

hours 15:00-16:00      Respon Anatomi

  1. Wednesday

hours 08:00-09:45      Fisiologi II

hours 12:00-18:00      Practice Fisiologi (Sistem Rolling)

  1. Thursday

hours 08:00-09:45      Biokimia II

hours 15:00-16:00      Laboratorium Mikrobiologi I

  1. Friday

hours 08:00-09:45      Mikrobiologi I

hours 10:00-11:45      Bioteknologi Vet

hours 16:00-17:45      Histologi

  1. Saturday

hours 16:30-18:00      Laboratorium Histologi

  1. Sunday

hours 08:30-09:30      Laboratorium Biokimia II

To achieve the degree Veterinarian (DVM) is not easy, requires struggle and sacrifice extraordinary. Hopefully all achieved quickly and perfectly….

My academic activity during the campus, along with the following photo of my practicum.

  1. Praktikum Fisiologi

Menghitung Berat Jenis Urine Katak (Rana esculenta) dan Uji Galli Mainin


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