Welcome back Janell Keider and her new Pet Partner Piper!

Piper Keider Pix


Breed: Flat Coat Retriever Mix

Partner: Janell Keider


Piper was just a puppy when she was abandoned in another country. Kind people rescued her, collected donations, and bought Piper a plane ticket to the United States so she could have a safe and loving home. We adopted Piper before she was a year old and could tell that she would be a great therapy dog – she loves people, especially children, and is sweet and gentle. She greets our cats each morning with a wagging tail and lick on their noses. She also loves to race around the backyard, playing “tug” and “chase” with our other dogs. We are so happy that Piper joined our family!

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  1. sandy says:

    this is such a great story so happ piper found a great and loving home// thanks for being such special parents

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