Meet Wynston – one of our newest AHF Pet Partners

Wynston BlasbergWynston is a very loveable Yorkshire Terrier with the heart of a lion. He weighs about 4.5 lbs., and that’s when he’s soaking wet. His favorite people are “Everybody”! He even has a few kitty cat friends around his neighborhood as well as his favorite taunting squirrel “Peanut”. Of course they are all bigger than him, but he doesn’t know that. His favorite pastime is giving lots of kisses and a close second would be chasing his squeaky ball or any one of many many toys in his toy box. During the summer you may find him in the pool taking a ride on his boogie board. He enjoys eating treats and is always willing to do a trick or two. His specialty is making everyone smile. Wysnton also has a few nick names  that he doesn’t mind you calling him like “Winnie Pooh”, “Little Pooh” or “Mister”. Wynston is looking forward to his therapy visits and is ready to make new friends wherever he goes.

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