Stryker – Pet Partner of Jim and Dorothy Taylor

stryker take 2



Breed: Husky / Labrador

Birthday: April 17, 2009

Partners: Dorothy & Jim


When I was just 6 weeks old I was adopted into a loving family.  I was just a brown puff ball with floppy ears and a skinny tail.  As I grew my ears went up, my tail got bushy like a fox and my fur turned the same color as my eyes. I grew to love and respect cats too since I live with 3 of them.  I have never met a treat I didn’t like, including fruits and veggies! I love to play ball, hike, run with a bicycle and go everywhere with my family!  I always get asked about my black/purple tongue and great eyeliner.  I just tell them, “That’s the way God made me and I like it!”  I certainly loved meeting you and I hope I brought a smile to your face today.

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