N.Y. considers tougher laws protecting canine officers

ApeThe New York state Senate approved a bill that would make the act of injuring or killing a police dog a felony. It is a misdemeanor under current law. The bill gained momentum after an FBI law enforcement dog, Ape, was shot to death while helping apprehend a suspect. Ape, a Czech German shepherd, was fatally shot by the man, who police said killed four people. The bill now goes to the state Assembly. The Post-Standard (Syracuse, N.Y.) (3/25)

Oneonta, NY — The state senate has passed a bill co-sponsored by Senator James Seward that would toughen punishment for people who kill or injure police animals.

The bill increases the penalty for killing or injuring a police animal from a misdemeanor to a felony. The legislation now goes to the state assembly for consideration.

There has been renewed interest in the bill following the shooting death of FBI police dog Ape during a raid on a barricaded gunman blamed for the deaths of four people in Herkimer County earlier this month, said Seward, R-Oneonta.

“I call Ape the ‘Hero of Herkimer’ for his courageous sacrifice and feel he, and all police animals, deserve our respect and gratitude,” Seward said in a news release. “Ape gave his life to protect others and that kind of bravery should be honored.”

Gunman Kurt Myers is believed to have killed four people the morning of March 13 before holing up in an abandoned building in the village of Herkimer. After a lengthy standoff — in which a police robot was unable to locate Myers — Ape accompanied officers into the building.

Myers shot and killed Ape while firing at the group. Officers returned fire and killed Myers. Ape was mortally wounded and died after last-minute attempts at rescue by a veterinarian at the scene.

“There is one detail that is clear – we owe a great debt of gratitude to the police and others who responded to the multiple scenes, put their lives on the line, and sacrificed to protect us all and that includes K-9 officer Ape,” Seward concluded.
Ape, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, received a memorial service and burial near the FBI training center in Quantico, Va. The Czech German Shepard had been on duty less than a month.

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