AHF Board Member Study Featured in NY Times

AHF Board Member Dr. Alice Villalobos is an expert in an animal’s Quality of Life.

Read More about Dr. Villalobos’ work¬†and compassion for your pet’s end of life issues

2 Responses to “AHF Board Member Study Featured in NY Times”

  1. clara elton sharp says:

    Dear Dr. Villalobos
    I am an RN with 50+ years nursing experience, the last 15 or so in hospice, mostly in the home.
    I have experienced many personal losses, including beloved pets. I lost my 19 year old dog recently. He was a therapy dog, and visited patients with me.
    I have been thinking of getting into bereavement work, rather than nursing. I feel that my experience in hospice nursing have provided me with the compassion I need to work in bereavement.
    At my age, I do not feel that getting a degree in social work or theology would be feasible.
    Are you aware of any positions as a bereavement or grief helper or assistant exist, and the requirements for such a role might be?
    I do need the income, so serving as volunteer would not be possible at this time.
    I appreciate your input, and all the work you do with pets and their human families.
    Elton Sharp, RN

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