Don and Carole Melvin’s Memorable Visit at CHOC

Seasoned pet partner teams Carole and Don Melvin had what they called a “very unusual experience” at CHOC (Children’t Hospital of Orange County). There were several people in a room on the PICU floor so Carole asked the nurse whether she should go in or not. As it turned out the girl in the room, about 12 years old, had passed away just a few minutes before and, yes, the family did want Carole to come in with Missy (the dog on the right). Carole spent about 45 minutes in the room with Missy comforting the girl’s siblings, a couple of the girl’s friends, and several of the family.  One of the girl’s friends was laying on the bed with the girl so Carole placed Missy between them and Missy gave them every ounce of love within her.  Then some of the family took turns holding Missy. Occasionally Carole and I are a little weary  the morning we’re scheduled to go to CHOC and think it would be nice to take the morning off. In the 7 years we’ve been at CHOC we can never anticipate what circumstances we’ll face on any given day but when anything near like this happens, we know why we go.  As long as our girls are able to go and our health holds up, we’ll be there for the kids and their family.

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  1. Madelyn says:

    What an amazing story. the comfort a small dog can give to a grieving family that no one person could. I am so glad she was there for them.

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