Kris and Andre Bring Smiles at OCMMC

From Caring Creatures’ Pet Therapy team Kris and her standard poodle, Andre:

At Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, Andre and I entered a hospital room full of family.  The patient was in bed. The family was excited about a dog visit and the patient was willing.  The bed was high so I coaxed Andre to get on a chair next to the bed, that way the gentleman might pet his head.  He slowly moved his arm toward Andre. He tried a couple of times.  Soon he reached and scratched Andres’ head.   He moved his fingers and exclaimed “this is the first time I’ve been able to move my arm and fingers in twelve days!”  The family was on their feet!  Several members of the family grabbed their cameras and started taking pictures.  Then the man started exploring his other limbs he said “my toes move and my legs move!”  He was so excited that his arms went up like a football touchdown had been made.  He and his family were so excited.  We left the room with a joyous spirit.  The family was buzzing and we were smiling. I was so glad that Andre was able to bring some joy to this family. Oh the joys of pet therapy!

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