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Welcome New Pet Partner STAR

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Breed: Australian Shepard
Birthday: Fourth of July 2009
That’s why she is named Star!

Handler:  Bari Boersma

Star is a rescue dog and came to me when she was 4 years old. She does reading programs and various types of visits and also runs agility  because it is fun! Most of all Star loves people and wants everyone to feel special and make thier day! One of Star’s unique features is her blue and brown colored eyes! Star loves belly rubs and her favorite thing to do is be patted by you!

Thank You Mocha and Paisley

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

There comes a time when every handler knows that it’s time to retire their Pet Partner.  It is a very difficult decision to make but, for whatever reason a good handler knows their dog and understands when it’s time

We want to thank Mocha and Paisley for giving love to others over the years and wish them both lazy happy days ahead.

And, special thanks to Mocha’s partners Rita and Don Tayenaka and Pailsey’s mom Laurel Schuman for sharing their wonderful furry family members with so many!

Both teams, however, have another dog they are training to continue in their older siblings’ work.

Soon we hope we will be welcoming Higbee Tayenaka and Cooper Schuman into our AHF Pet Partners family, knowing they both will continue to bring tons of smiles where their siblings left off!

Paisley2                            MOCHA                                                                                                  PAILSEY


Meet newest Pet Partner Team Member – Zoe Lanni

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Zoe LanniBirthday: October 11, 2010
Weight: 3.7 lbs
Nickname: World’s Tiniest Goat!
She likes all types of food, including
Brussels sprouts! Zoe loves to be
snuggled and curl up in my lap. She
travels with us everywhere by bicycle,
car, train and airplane! When we
are packing, she sits in my suitcase,
ensuring that she is going too! Her
favorite places to be rubbed are behind
her neck and her belly.

Jane and Kiss named Volunteer of the year

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Kiss at OCMC page 1Jane Horsfield and her wonderful border collie, Kiss, were named Volunteer of the Year at Orange Coast Medical Center!  Congratulations Jane and Kiss!

AHF and Adams Elementary School Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday in a Novel Way

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Seuss EventOn March 2, 2016, Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the tables were turned on seven Adams Elementary READ teams when the handlers helped the school celebrate the birthday by reading stories to the students, with their dogs in attendance.  John Adams Elementary in Santa Ana, CA, has had AHF teams in their classrooms for eight years as reading dogs, with additional teams participating in the Adams monthly Saturday library program.  On March 2, a combination of weekday and Saturday handlers brought their dogs to school and read books to the students. The participating teams were Gretchen Scott with Luna, Tammy Heider with Gracie, Suzanne Davidson with Juneau, Daleen Comer with Macy, Jim and Dorothy Taylor with Stryker, Geneva Comer with Bonnie, and Jane Horsfield with Kiss.

During the entire school day, 8:30 – 1:30, dog teams were on campus going to different classrooms for 20-minute sessions, during which the handlers read stories to the students, and allowed time for all the students to pet the dogs. Throughout the day, 24 classes of students were visited by the dogs and their partners. The dogs were in the spirit of the event, wearing Seuss fabric bandannas made by one of the members of the group. The books read by the handlers varied: some chose childhood favorites, some selected books their own children had loved, some picked dog-themed books, and some read the new Dr. Seuss book, “Which Pet Should I Get?” The students appreciated seeing the handlers in a more active role, and the dogs enjoyed the novelty of visiting multiple classrooms during their visit. One teacher commented, “Besides having the dogs in their rooms, the students were so excited to see the different dogs walking around the campus.  If you all felt as good about it as we did, this definitely needs to be an annual event.” The READ teams agree!

Welcome Leo “de Lion” to AHF Pet Partners

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

LeoHe displays amazing antics that make you laugh out loud, I mean belly laugh. That is truly therapeutic. The love and complete devotion he has for you as he stares up at you with his beautiful soulful amber eyes . His need to lay on you even though he is 80 pounds of pure muscle and lick your face until you can’t breathe. His amazing athleticism as he jumps up, twists around and catches the ball with all four paws off the grass. His enthusiasm of love whimpers and insanely fast wagging tail when you pull up to the house after you have been gone10 minutes or 5 hours. His 5 minute nesting ritual with numerous pillows, blankets, and any other object close in proximity. His desire to sleep under the covers; close to you at all times. Bottom line, he loves to love you, forever and ever, amen.

Little Bear becomes an AHF Pet Partner

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

little bear murray

Name:  Little Bear

Nickname:  LB

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta Canada

Favorite Activities: Sleeping, going on walks, getting petted & brushed

Favorite Yoga Position:  Downward dog

Favorite Other Dogs: His brothers Duke and Canuck

Favorite Thing to Chase: Birds and tennis balls

Favorite Sport: Swimming

Favorite Place: Bed and the beach

Favorite Food: Hot dogs

Welcome Noodle to AHF Pet Partners

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Noodles Tam

Breed: Dark yellow labrador

Birthday: 9/14/2013

Human mom: Jane

My name is Noodle. Please shake my paw. I’m a puppy at heart- don’t mind my 85 lbs of brawn and beauty. When I’m not flexing, I’m quite squishy and comfortable to nuzzle against. I’ve acted in roles such as blanket, pillow and foot rest. I’ve mastered the art of balancing things on my head, and my runway strut rivals that of super models. I love going to the beach, the dog park, on walks and places to make new friends- both human and dog. I hope to call you my new human friend.

Blue Giving Stress Relief During Final Exams

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Blue spreading cheer during finals


Friday, October 16th, 2015

Stryker 1Dorothy, Jim and their wonderful boy Stryker recently visited Royale Health in Mission Viejo.
They asked if anyone was afraid of dogs and 1 woman said, “Yes” so we encouraged her to move a row back and not be in the circle where we were going to walk around and introduce Stryker to everyone & she did. It only took 5 min or so for her to speak out that she wanted to try to pet him. Then she wanted to give him a treat & was very proud of herself for being brave. She did great and continued to talk about how much she liked him. It was so cute.