Dr. Joe Cortese Dog Park Dedication

On August 17th, the city of San Juan Capistrano dedicated their new dog park in honor of beloved local veterinarian Dr. Joe Cortese, also know as “Dr. Fleas”Dr. Joe Cortese.The dog park welcomes small and large dogs and features picnic tables, benches, and an access ramp for people with disabilities. Enjoy the beautiful mature oak, avocado, and Valencia orange trees that are being preserved as part of this wonderful new park. The area will include drinking fountains for both people and pooches.

Dr. Cortese was a past president and member of the Animal Health Foundation’s Board of Trustees.  He passed away suddenly in 2008 while visiting friends in New Mexico with his wife, Goldee.

The AHF is proud to have made a donation to the park to honor such a dedicated and loved individual.

4 Responses to “Dr. Joe Cortese Dog Park Dedication”

  1. Goldee Cortese says:

    Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. AHF has a team of hero’s and you all have done so much to honor Joe. My heart goes out to all of you.

  2. Charlotte Erickson says:

    Dr. Cortese was such a great caring veterinarian. Many, many years ago he was the vet for my pets when we lived in San Juan. I am so glad they have created this dog park in his honor. I just saw the news about it on the TV. Such a great dedication to a really special person!

  3. Sandy Trails says:

    The people who designed this park either don’t have dogs or are trying to pull a scam on the city. This is, by far, the worst dog park I’ve EVER been to.
    *There is nowhere to sit.
    *There is nowhere to stand, because the ground, except for a few patches of wood chips (and metal chunks of something) is nothing by a fine silt. If it were sand it would almost be better. When it’s not wet and muddy…it’s blowing dusty clouds of powdery dirt.
    *Mixed with the silt is a treasure trove of foxtails and burrs. My poor dog left the park limping from foxtails stuck in her paws. They couldn’t be removed until we got to the car because there is no place on the path or park that isn’t covered with them to stop and remove pick them out.
    *No trash cans in the park, so no need to use the poop bags. The bags will just end up being dumped IN the park and create a bio hazard.
    *You will need to bathe your dog after using this park. There is no way to stay clean (for either you or your pet).
    *Not only is the fence too short…but it’s not buried in the silty grit upon which it sits. As the dirt settles and ONE determined dog decides to start digging it’ll be an expressway for small and large dogs to mingle (and fight).
    This park is so poorly thought out that it will encourage lawsuits. What the city saved on groundcover and adequate fencing will be exponentially spent on the criminal negligence of constructing such a hazard. Dogs are safer playing along the shoulder of the I-5.
    I’d think Dr. Cortese would be ashamed.

  4. Mariah cortese says:

    I’m Mariah Cortese. I am the granddaughter of Papa Joe Cortese. When I first found out that they were making and dedicating this dog park in honor of my grandfather I cried. Not because he is gone but because I know that a peace of him will always live on in this world. My grandfather was my hero and still is. He was the most amazing man that I ever met. He was a hard worker and loved what he did. He inspires me everyday to follow my dreams and follow my dreams. Thank you to who ever did this. God bless! <3

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