Angel Fund helps Red Eared Slider Turtle

The Larchmont Animal Clinic reached out to the Angel fund to help pay for Tesla picturethe repair of the Gillin family’s red eared slider turtle’s shell.  Tesla is recovering nicely!

This is a first for the Angel Fund!

Click Red Eared Slider for more information about this turtle.


2 Responses to “Angel Fund helps Red Eared Slider Turtle”

  1. cindy. says:

    Do you help sick dogs needing an internal medicine vet?? I’m on a ‘fixed income and my little poodle REALLY,REALLY NEED’S an internal medicine vet and i don’t have the money to get her one. :-(. If i did have the money I would get her one as….. ILOVE HER VERY,VERY MUSH…Kisses is like one of m children!!

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