Our First Silken Windhounds

We are thrilled to have our first Silken Windhounds in our AHF Caring Creatures Pet Partner Program.¬† Jolene with Sahara and Keith with Dior (Sahara’s dad) passed their Pet Partner Team Evaluation on December 8th.

We met Jolene Jones and Keith Hicks at Pet Expo 2012 at the OC Fairgrounds and were immediately struck by the beauty of this breed.


6 Responses to “Our First Silken Windhounds”

  1. Congratulations to Keith & Jolene and needless to say to Sahara and Dior. Great job guys. So nice to see.
    The Obregons

  2. Mark Wismer says:

    Glad to see Silkens making advances! I enjoy mine alot!

  3. Congratulations to Keith & Dior and to Jolene and Sahara. These folks and their dogs have been an asset to the breed and a pleasure to know – it is so lovely to see them gain acknowledgement!

  4. Claudia says:

    Congratulations to Keith and Jolene, and to two of the most loving Silken Windhounds I have ever met! Dior and Sahara love people and will be excellent representatives of the Animal Health Foundation.

  5. What fantastic acheviement. Of course I am super pleased that the two first were from my kennel but the real glory should go to the two people that worked their rears off making this happen for the Silkens. Keith and Jolene are the hardworking couple who have taken these dogs this far. Without them the dogs would not be showing off their talents and their loving personalities. Keith and Jolene are super great with their dogs and Dior and Sahara are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful home.
    Congrats to them all.

    • Congradulations to you too! I met Jolene and Keith at Pet Expo in Orange County and was absolutely enthralled with the breed.
      We are absolutely thrilled to have them as AHF Pet Partners. Several members have said “When I get my next dog, I will look at Silken Windhouds”.

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