As summer begins learn about heatstroke in dogs

Even when it’s only moderately warm outdoors, the interior of a home or car can quickly become an oven.
Heatstroke, an excessively high body temperature, can cause brain damage, kidney failure and, in half its canine victims, death.
We dogs are particularly susceptible because we can’t regulate our body temperatures very well, especially if we’re young, old, overweight, have breathing difficulties or have heart disease or other medical problems.
Signs of heatstroke include rapid breathing and heart rate, vomiting, diarrhea and then collapse.
Treatment is aimed at lowering body temperature and preventing damage to the brain and other organs through intravenous fluids and medications.
If Eddie ever has a repeat episode, spray him with a garden hose or immerse him in cool water, but not ice water, before you transport him to the animal hospital. Once he’s in the car, position him by the air conditioner vents.

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