SeaWorld Veterinarians Treat Sea Lion for Gunshot Wound

The California sea lion that was found  with a bullet in its flipper has healed and was released back into the wild  on Friday, according to SeaWorld.

The sea lion was rescued on Feb. 11 after beachgoers in  Oceanside noticed the injured animal on the shore.

SeaWorld rescued the female sea lion, and it turned out she  was also severely malnourished. Specialists removed the bullet from her flipper  and bandaged up the wound.

The staff nicknamed her “Valentine” since she was rescued a  few days before the holiday.

After two months in the animal park’s rehabilitation program,  Valentine gained more than 40 pounds and returned to full health.

SeaWorld said they returned the animal 2 to 3 miles off the  coast in a good feeding area where dolphins, sea lions and sea birds were  actively feeding.

Source:  Healed Sea Lion Returns to Ocean | NBC San Diego

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