Man sues Nestle Purina and Wal-Mart over dog treats from China

Pet owner Dennis Adkins has filed a lawsuit against Nestle Purina and Wal-Mart following the death of his 9-year-old Pomeranian, Cleo, who became ill and died after eating one Waggin’ Train “Yam Good” chicken-wrapped treat per day over a three-day period. Adkins has also requested that a class be initiated for other owners whose pets were affected. The FDA has performed extensive testing of the treats and hasn’t found any causative agent, but the agency has issued consumer warnings about the products since 2007  Read More

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  1. Madeline Parris says:

    I fed my dog, Soccer, the Waggin’ Train jerkey treats and they killed her. She had kidney and liver failure because of these treats. And even though they were pulled from Sam’s Club shelves (where I had bought them) for a short time, they are now right back on the shelves there and are still made in China. How many dogs do they want to die before they are taken off the shelves.

  2. Helen says:

    My chichuhua had the same treats and he died from it. His kidneys failed as a result. There is a class action lawsuit but all claims must be emailed/mailed/faxed by 4/1/15. Call 866-329-9963 or visit

    • Dave Salling says:

      My loyal and loving companion BacPac died of kidney failure and I have no reason to believe it was NOT caused from the Waggin Train treats I purchased at WalMart for some months. A terrible death and so painful to watch. My vet did everything possible and after a two day/night stay for treatment at the animal hospital took her home for her last two days. I miss her so still. I am so angry at myself for purchasing this product. I just hope BacPac forgives me.

  3. Jerry Jarvis says:

    I just bought a 50 pound bag of dog chow and find a sample of waggin train treats in the bag. What the heck.

    • If you read up on dog foods, dog chow is not necessarily the product you want to feed your dogs. And, the fact that they put Waggin’ Train Treats in the bag definately tells you something.
      Places to check out food ingredients and recommendations for quality dog foods are:
      The Whole Dog Journal – the publish an approved foods list for canned, kibble, raw, frozen, dehydrated every year and you won’t find any of them available in a supermarket.
      The Truth About Pet Foods – Susan Thixton keeps you up to date one every recall and how inept the FDA has been in keeping our animals safe from bad dog foods
      Animal Parents Against Pet Food and Treats made in China – they might only be a Facebook Group, but still are up on everything happening in the world of dog foods
      Dog Food Advisor is another GREAT site like The Truth About Pet Foods.

      Those are all of the places that we keep looking at and who will tell you never to feed any of the large brand foods (Purina, etc.).

      • Maximillion Von Tucker says:

        So right it hurts. Read the label, if you see the word ANIMAL or MEAT on any label, dump it. The FDA wont let them label it any other way, lets see, pork, fish, chicken, beef, MEAT. which one is not something you have known your whole life. MEAT is recycled pets. Google that and see what you have been poisoning your buddy with.

        Horrible truth about pet food for sure.

      • luann bellinger says:

        i feed my allpurina dog chow , purina dog treats , and purina alpo snaps dog treats , and i just got them scooby snacks , and now all the sudden my play ful pups can barely move , and puking like crazy , dose any one know what is wrong .

        • It’s the food. Stop everything Purina and from Walmart, Costco or the grocery store.
          You must get them to the vet.

          Feed high quality pet food from a local pet store. It’s more expensive, but it won’t be harmful to your dog.

    • Maximillion Von Tucker says:

      50 pounds of what? If you bought it at any store, it is likely poison too. Check the label, MEAT and ANIMAL are the flags.

  4. daryl says:

    I fed a treat called Bow Wow Paks Munchie Nuggets to my rat terrier recently and she became sick within hours, Threw up and eventually non responsive over night. Eventually she pulled out of it. Altoghter it lasted 36 hours. I read the package and sure enough, it was made in China. There were instructions on the back telling me to wash my hands after touching one. If it is toxic enough to have to wash hands, why would we be feeding it to our dogs?

  5. Tim says:

    Two things, find a privately owned REAL feed dealer in your area, (NOT PetSmart) and ask them what’s good because they know who’s buying what and how much and what’s good and what isn’t. There are high quality affordable feeds out there and there’s no better way to keep your dog healthy than to feed him decent food. (and treat him regularly for parasites) If you love your pet, occasionally feed him the same meats than you buy for your family as a treat. You cannot expect any animal to thrive on the bottom of the barrel filth that is passed off as “pet food”. I’ve been feeding animals for 50 years and have tried it all. It’s a helluva lot cheaper to pay up front than to have your vet return a dead dog to you and a big bill.
    Never put any food stuffs made in China in your or your dogs body. They’re the ones that put melamine plastic as a filler in baby formula for their own people and for export to America. And lead in damned near everything. They don’t give a damn about you, your family, their families and certainly not your dog. buy quality “Made in America” from American raw materials.

  6. clydet says:

    When I found out that some dog treats was killing dogs, and most of them came from China, I read the labels on all treats, If they are not made in the USA/Canada, I will not buy them. My suggestion to all of you consumers is to read all the labels for any pets that you own, it is better not to give you pet so many treats anyway, They do have a lot of fat in them, This can cause liver and whatever else problems for your pets. I am bend doing this for at lease 7 months now. I have cut back all the dog treats I give my dogs,. Better safe and sorry. I have lost some of my pets, but I cannot blame the people who makes these treats for your pets, because I did not REAd the LABEL.

  7. Linda Smith says:

    After some incidences with bad treats and dog food, I now make all my dogs treats and food. Very easy and much less expensive. I save more than 50% on these things and my dogs are healthiest they have ever been. If you want my recipes, email me at It works and I want to help as many people and their dogs as possible. Lost 2 dear jack russels because of chinese dog products.

    • That’s the guaranteed way to know exactly what your pups are eating. We are very sorry for your loss.
      You’re welcome to list the recipes on this blog, if you want.

      • Wanda Nichols says:

        Our boy is a rescue and we were given a bag of well known dog food but he became ill and after a vet visit I decided to make Eddies food and soon after added a couple of treats but continued to purchase dog treats such as Purina brand. He now has warts on face and several on his body. The vet suggested surgically removing the ones on his face but our boy is now 9 years old and we are trying holistic treatments. Could the dog treats be a probable cause for the warts? We are starting a dog treat business soon and main concern is a safe and natural preservative since chicken, turkey and chicken liver will be in most the treats. Any advice will be appreciated.

  8. Kay Starr says:

    Meaty bones for dogs.???is there a recall?

  9. My 10 year old Pomeranian died in my arms. He too was fed Waggin Trail chicken Jerky his entire life, toward the end he started to have skin problem, itching and very often bouts of diarrhea, and lethargic.
    3 years ago I finally got a shelter dog. Now

  10. My 10 year old Pomeranian died in my arms. He too was fed Waggin Trail chicken Jerky. He started had skin problem, itching and very often bouts of diarrhea, and lethargic. I adopted a shelter animal 3 yrs. ago she began the same treat, then they pulled them from sales. They are selling again noow she is having the SAME SYMPTONS. I HAVE STOPPED giving them 2 days ago. I am on disability and alone, I can’t afford vet bills, the medications that will be required to “hopefully” stop the symptoms from continuing.
    Personally there must be a link of the ingredients in those processed treats. Please save our dogs from heart breaking deaths of our family pets.

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