Diamond Pet Food Suspends Delivery of All Brands made in SC

Written By: Susan Thixton

  • 4-12-2012

One of you great Independent Pet Store People out there sent me a ‘heads up’ that their Distributor would not be delivering any products made by Diamond Pet Food; though she received no explanation why.  I called Diamond and was told…
Paraphrasing ‘In light of the recent Diamond Pet Food Recall, out of precaution Diamond is suspending delivery of all products made at the Diamond South Carolina facility until more information is available.’  Told to me by Julie, Diamond Pet Food Representative.
Julie did not have a list of Diamond manufactured foods made at the South Carolina Plant.  She suggested if a pet owner has a question if the food was made at the South Carolina Diamond Pet Food plant, please contact the respective company.
Foods made by Diamond Pet Food (though not confirmed to be made at the South Carolina Plant) Solid Gold Canidae/Felidae Natural Balance Kirkland (Costco Brand) Chicken Soup Taste of the Wild
No other information was provided.  Julie was very open and did not hesitate to share this with me.  I thank Diamond Pet Food for the openness.

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